About the Geopolitical Club Who are we ?

The Geopolitical Club is a think tank that uses research and advocacy to advance debate and offer solutions on complex geopolitical and strategic issues. For this purpose, the GC brings together public and private decision-makers, male and female politicians and a wide diversity of personalities from civil society.

The GC aims to establish a constructive dialogue through its various symposia, workshops and seminars, to open the field of possibilities with regard to crisis recovery.

The GC also wants to promote sport which, based on its values of respect, solidarity, sharing and self-improvement, can become a great lever for the development and cohesion of societies and territories. If sport’s benefits are often underestimated, we strongly believe that sport has the potential of facilitating integration of each and everyone within society and being an extraordinary means of self-realization.

Lastly, GC’s ultimate goal is to ensure global peace and the development of democracy.

For an optimal result, GC plans to be active not only locally, in a logic of proximity and local development, but also internationally.

Our team remains at your disposal To answer any of your questions